RESEARCH // THE DMNSH PROJECT                                  04.2016


This research is about reducing the material of a group of simple products which has the same shape for a long time. Are there benefits? For me this is a never ending research.



After my first research about the clothes pin, I was wondering if there you can diminish more products. I made a list ‘possible’ products and only a few products were suitable at the end: credit card, cotton swab, band aid and a push pin.


How can I share all the information I found with people? So that was the start of a new research. I came up with the idea to make a diminished poster, where you need less ink and material. I made the process of diminish a poster with the information of diminished product.


It is a combination of Augmented Reality and a poster.

At this point, I had so much different materials and information that it was chaos. I need to organize everything and make it visual. The end result: a wall full of small experiments of all the products.



If you want more information about the diminish project, don’t hesitate to ask! There is a lot more information available.