fontys factory cancer

Even though cancer has become omnipresent in everyday life, it’s still an awkward subject to discuss. Clinical, depressing, abstract, and downright terrifying. And that’s exactly why this is the topic of the fontys factory. With the help of the Dutch Cancer Society and their teachers Lucas Maassen, Woody Veneman and Bram Tuns, students of Fontys ICT & Media Design and Fontys Academy for Art, Communication and Design. have dedicated their skills to make cancer discussable.


Workshops by professional designers Renee Scheepers, Arne Hendriks, Raw Color, and Thomas Lommée have sucked the students out of their comfort zone and had them search, discuss, and brainstorm. The results of this short, intensive study put cancer in an entirely different light.

INSTALLATION // PARASITIC PLANT FIGHT                             10.2015

Proliferating cells versus healthy ones – an unfair fight. But what happens if two proliferators step into the arena? Will they reinforce each other, will one be defeated, or will they both adapt? A painfully slow cockfight between two plants where there’s no telling what will happen next.

INSTALLATION // DR. CLAW                            10.2015

The disease itself is hard to comprehend, but the medical profession it is encompassed by is what’s really intangible. It’s an industry that makes money at the expense of patients who have no choice but to have faith. Still, even if the outlook seems bleak, giving up is not an option: using this donation machine, there’s always a winner.


A collaboration with Bram Vos, Alysa D'Elia, Wendy Paulussen, Myrna van Oosterhout, Najla Poric.


INSTALLATION // PINPOINT EMOTIONS                            10.2015

Love, fear, joy, anger, sadness, surprise, shame, and disgust are considered the eight universal emotions. People tend to revert to standard expressions as soon as they talk about someone who has cancer. Perhaps it is a result of being ashamed of what you really feel. Envy, for example. This is where you can let go. Write down the name of someone who suffers from cancer, and be honest.


A collaboration with Bram Vos, Flore de Gunst, Emma Witter, Robyn Hölskens, Mitchel van de Water



MONOLOGUE // THE EMBODIMENT                10.2015


People tend to look at things from their own perspectives to determine what’s right and wrong. But there are at least two sides to every story, just as every aspect has its purpose. Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes forces us to reevaluate our point of view. A monologue by a cell that’s considered malignant by all.


In collaboration with Wendy Paulussen, Eline Mols, Jordi Raes, Lisanne Schiphorst, Bram Vos and Myrna van Oosterhout.

More of Fontys Factoy CANCER you can find on the website www.fontysfactory.nl