Experience design

PRODUCT /  ANTI SOCIALBESITAS                       12.2015

Almost everybody does it, aimlessly wandering on social media, the endless scroll through the often useless information or some standard pictures. Minutes ticking away while you are recording the information. Minutes you could spend maybe different, because why do you actually spend your time on that kind of information?


With the anti-socialbestitasje (anti-socialbesitasbag) you will see how you use social media. How bad is your addiction? With this kit you will live a few days without social media. You need to categorize how bad the urge to use social media is, you can link it to the different beads in the kit. Eventually you make an jewelry of your desire / addiction to social media. It is a nice piece of jewelry? Or is it embarrassing that it shows how addicted you really are?




PRODUCT /  GLAS IN HOUT               05.2015

Compose your own music is an experienced by a few people. With the glass in wood music box you can still experience this. Just start the little engine and you can operate the handle yourself. The ringing tones change when the little engine touches a different bottle. Moreover, you can fill the bottles with different water levels, so that there arise other sounds.


Let the musician in you live!



Soon there will be a short video.




This research is about reducing the material of a group of simple products which has the same shape for a long time. Are there benefits?

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